Full Version: why should I go DIR ?
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just asking the same question from the other side.
I have a sherwood outback so it is back inflated with no large fromt pockets.
I have a long hose on my octo. so it there is room to swim while sharing air but I donot have to go off my air to get it to my buddie.
I dive open water so no concerns about being 200+ feet in a cave.
I pratice my skills on every dive weekend I get.
so what does dir have to offer me?
Jim, a good book to pick up would be the DIR fundamentals book written by Jarrod Jablonski. It's a good read with a great deal of information on DIR.
I am not DIR but I really like the long hose on your primary 2nd stage with your backup bungied around the neck. I know from experience (during valve shut down practice) that when you are out of air - you just grab the reg out of your buddies mouth and start breathing! :o

Having that safety 2nd stage always right by your chin is a big comfort for when you loose your primary.

The long hose can be a pain sometimes but it sure makes sharing air easier...
I agree the long hose is nice that is why I have it on my octo. I have been with buddies that used my octo while repairing their 2nd stage from free flow.
I have never lost my primary that I couldnot reach it at my right hip if I did my octo is right in front of me tucked into my belt
Al is on the right track. Your panicked buddy is going to grab the reg from your mouth anyway. If you have a system and process in place to deal with it you may be in better shape.

Also, it would be nice to hand your panicking buddy a reg you know is breathing properly.

Backup regs never stay in place -- especially at night while going through the trees. If you bungee the backup you know exactly where the backup is located. Less task loading = greater safety.

I should note that the long hose and bungeed backup isn't a DIR invention. I think DIR simply popularized it in the rec world.
I have not had a buddie grab my primary but I can see the bungie point of view and will keep it in mind when going over my gear in the off season.
what about weight intagrated BC.
as a diver of girth I have had problems with weight belts in the past and prefer my intagrated cliped pockets(not velcro)