Full Version: Dive Event Calendar
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I took the liberty to add a few dive events to the calendar below. All the info was taken from a partial search of local websites. Please contact the sponsor/organizer for specifics. Feel free to add or modify as needed. This is for public use. Use MNScuba, MNScuba to login.
Thanks for the great calendar! Smile

It is hard to fit everything into our short summer and this will help a lot.

Can this link be swapped out, combined with or added to the "birthday calendar link" at the top of the MNScuba page? (my explorer bookmarks end up being useless)
Is that the calendar that already existed? I forgot all about that one when we started using the YaBB (forum) calendar.

I'm pretty sure all members have access to add events to this one as well.

Nice job, and thanks.
I was wondering what was wrong with the calendar built in to this forum. Items can be added to the calendar by anyone and linked to a message thread.