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We would like to congratulate all of the participants of the most recent DIR Fundamentals class, held here in Mpls this weekend with Tyler Moon. Kudos for passing a tough course - hopefully this will lead to a stonger DIR community in the TC. We hope to have you guys join in on a lot of FUN dives.

David & Amber
If your looking to do the course this weekend, Deep Blue Aventures will be running one in Milwaukee. Here's the posting:

DIR Fundamentals

We will be hosting a DIR Fundamentals class taught by Michael Kane of Global Underwater Explorers at our store in Milwaukee, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please call 414-964-3483.

How many folks passed the course? How many DIR divers are in Minnesota?
I was wondering what the pass/Fail rate was? I am told it is a tougher class then others.
6 out of 6 passed. Tyler said it is rare to have everyone pass in a class. They give out provisionals if someone is close but doesn't pass.

It was an intense class. We met for 4 or 5 hours Fri and close to 12 hours both Sat & Sun with no breaks.

Wish I would of known about the class. Tyler was my cave instructor back in '98. Would of been nice to see him again. Of course there was no GUE then so I'm sure my training was not as good as it would be today. Wink
Congrats to all that passed the class. Sounds like everyone had a good time. I would have taken it had I had the funds. Maybe next year.
6 of 6 is realy good.
must be a good instructor. If I ever decide to check it out I'll keep him in mind.