Full Version: DIR-F, July 15-18 location TBD
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As posted on the WiScuba board:

Cody Gardner and I have been thinking of organizing a class in the MN - WI area - it would have to be over the weekend of July 17th, and we would do it either at Wazee (pretty good conditions) or in the Twin Cities, as that is where I live. To help you WI guys out, Wazee would definitely work - I can ask Keith at Wazee Sports to make classroom available.
Cody teaches the class over 3.5 days, so we would start Thursday afternoon and go until Sunday night. Cost would be $350 per person and his flight divided by the number of participants. He usually takes a max of three students per class, but if anyone wants to redo the class he might take on a few more students (not sure if his price would change then - I can ask).
If anyone is interested please contact me at or you can also contact Cody Gardner at


PS: if there's enough interested candidates in the TC who'd preferb to do the class at Square Lake, that is definitely a possibility as well...