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In my slow quest to shift to a more DIR-style equipment config, I am wondering what brand(s) of SPG/Console you would recommend (Tank Pressure & Water Depth only)?

Also, have you found any good methods to hang the SPG/Console from the BCD/Harness (ie. Console to ??? to Boltsnap to Harness/Ring)?

- Brad

I have a Halcyon SPG with a bolt snap attached. I clip it off on my hip D-ring which is a standard DIR configuration I guess. I think any decent quality SPG without any boots on them would be considered within DIR standards. I've attached the bolt snap with a heavy o-ring and zip tie. You can also use cave line to attach it as well. The zip tie o-ring method has held up fine for me.
Here is a pic of mine.

Mine is exactly like Lonnie's except that it's a DiveRite Brass gauge instead of a Halcyon- it just happened to be cheaper at the time.

I have an OMS gauge (the smaller one ... not the larger model) on both my double and single tank rigs. Both have held up fine, although neither is terribly accurate. I have mine attached with cave/reel line to a 1" inch wide eye stainless steel bolt snap. I used the O-ring and zip tie method a while back on the SPG. For a while it held up fine. Then over the course of 3 dives it broke twice - one time causing me to lose the bolt snap. Neither was the result of using an old/cracked o-ring. That was enough for me and a I switched to cave line. That was about a year and a half ago and I since then I found the caveline to work great.

While I'm not an official spokesperson, based on what I have learned and understand there is no official "DIR knot" for using caveline here (but I'm sure some people out there will insist that there is :Smile). What's important is that it is small, strong, and fairly easily cut-off if needed. There are a number of ways to accomplish this.


click on "apparatuur" - look down to tips and tricks - click on "knoop"

This shows you how to properly attach a boltsnap to a backup light. While this may be more critical for the backup light than other applications, this same seems to be the preferred method of attaching boltsnaps.

BTW, last I heard is that everything is supposed to be tied with caveline now - no longer the O-ring deal for exactly the reasons Beeger mentioned: O-rings break.

Cool, thanks for the info on the SPG and the method you are using to attach to the boltsnap.

I was initially thinking two zip-ties could be used. One relatively tight around the fitting of the SPG (so it won't slide) and a second loose one between the first and the boltsnap. Are zip-ties (tie-wraps) no-no's in DIR? Clearly they can be cut with a dive knife, etc.

And one other question - what about the depth gauge since everyone has only mentioned the SPG? Is there any valid DIR Console (SPG + Depth)?


The problem with zipties is that they will break when twisted, hence the use of cave line.

No, the pressure guage is considered backup equipment. Once you get a feel for your gas consumption you can guesstimate pretty closely what your pressure will be at at any point during the dive; the pressure guage serves as a backup to your brain/experience. The critical information is time/depth and direction. That's why all of that info is worn on the wrists - BT on the right arm, compass on the left - so that it is immediately accessible at all times. Also, this configuration is much slicker than having a hefty console clipped off in the same area as your stage bottles. Your buddy's PG, BT and compass also do double duty as your personal backup - always think team!
I use a zip tie around the spg hose to prevent the o-ring from slipping (see Lonnie's picture). The ziptie connect the o-ring to the hose. The o-ring connects the hose to the bolt snap. You should not need a second zip tie for the bolt snap. I recommend a larger bolt snap for the spg attachment since it is easier to handle with thick gloves.

Your depth gauge is mounted on your right wrist. You can use a bottom timer (like a uwatec) or a computer (like a vyper). Consoles are not DIR.



Yes - this is the way that it was done years ago but the consensus now is to use cave line for everything. While this is not a bad method, o-rings break at the most inopportune times, while cave line is more durable. With DIR the devil is in the details Smile

If you're not sure about this check out the DIRQuest archives.

Amber, how do you keep the cave line from slipping on the hose?
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