Full Version: Moderator Needed
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We are currently in need of a moderator for the DIR forum, any volunteers?
Moderator? Really, where? I didn't think mnscuba had any of those?
You are talking about a substance used to slow down neutrons in an atomic-energy reactor, aren't you?

Or would that just be DIR thinking that slows down neutrons?

Relax all you H - youth, I'm kidding. ;D
A good moderator might be, a block of graphite or a glass of heavy water. Great for retarding those neutrons and I suspect neither would rip on me for diving a CCR either.
OK, someone has got to ask it, do we really need a DIR section?

If DIR means Dive Inspiration Rebreather, then yes, we need the section.

Kidding aside, I hope we can find someone. DIR has a lot of good ideas and techniques.
Yeah I think it should exist. I just hope that we can find moderators and commentaries who try to make the case for the techniques, letting them stand on their merits without turning it into a religious experience.