Full Version: We have our 1000th member!
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I just happened to notice that "naomiDIVES" was listed as the 1000th member.  Perhaps our Administrators could mark this occasion with a T-Shirt or something?!?!?!   Congratulations to naomiDIVES!  I think I'm going to order myself a T-shirt to help get the word out about!
NICE! Next Goal? 1,000,000th!!!!! We can DO it! ;D
Sagacity,  you have a very lofty goal there. As an eternal optimist I admire your goals. 

By my calculations, we would have to sign up about half the state, or approximately 10 percent of the registered current divers in the US.    Not to throw water on the dream, but is it realistic >?  ok.  lets do it.

I am happy to say that my soon to be 10 year old daughter  was the 1000th diver. 
Lets get her a shirt.    yeaaaa    NAOMIdives.  Look for her first post soon.    She went thru the Padi seal diver program at GUDC, and hopefully she will have her C card within a week after her 10th birthday..  She really did a great job and actually understand the diving principals.  and her little sister Grace, has shared my octo in the pool.  Grace is 6.  We've also been in Coz.  snorkeling with the little ones.  Big fish and little fish,  no fear.   



Reminds me of a saying I once heard somewhere:
No chance of success, likelihood of defeat, certainty of death, what are we waiting for!

That's awesome! Congrats on the new little diver!

My new (green) t-shirt arrived today, and I promptly spilled cocktail sauce on it....MMMmmm Shrimp!

What are you looking at this for...Go diving instead!
Yuck,  I used to love shrimp cocktail,  I think I'll have to go back to calamari.
or octopuss  e        end.

Ya, funny!