Full Version: Photo Gallery feature added
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I am pleased to announce a new photo gallery feature that is available to all members.  Members can upload their dive and travel photos into the website and share their experiences with friends.  Simply click on the "gallery" button located at the top menu bar on the website to access your personal photo gallery.

At this point we have not placed any limitations on the number of photos that you can upload to the website.  Photos must be less than 300kb and no greater than 1024 in width or height.  We may adjust these settings in the future based on member feedback.

You can organize your photos into separate albums.  For example you may want to create a separate album for each dive trip.  Photos are available to the public so you can easily share them with family.

Enjoy the new feature and please let me know if there is anything we can do to improve the gallery!


wow this looks awesome. Thanks.
Hey, I finally checked out the gallery (that's a nice feature) and was adding photos and got this message:
Disk quota exceeded
You have a space quota of 1024K, your files currently use 858K, adding this file would make you exceed your quota.


Fred, I bumped up the quota size significantly.  You should be able to post more photos. Smile 
Also, if you want to post lots of pics make sure to size them down to at least 640X480 or even 400X300 which is the standard viewing size.  This will save file space.
yup, thanks... if I had my other computer here with photoshop I'd resize to 72dpi too.. but on this computer I'm limited to what I can do sizing the pics..I posted a few up at that 200 to 300kb's and I suppose that burned up the space pretty fast.. and on a computer screen a 40-60kb size pic looks fine.
later again.