Full Version: Stolen Bare Tri-lam dry suit.
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Stolen today from lakeville grander MT.  A Bare Tri-Lam dry suit, rear entry with
rubber neck seal and wrist seals, no hood this suit may be offered  for sale on inter-net. contact martin long at gander MT lakeville.
thanks guys grumpie.........
Grumpie,  what is your definition of stolen? 

What I heard is that someone purchased a DRY SUIT FOR  $325.00. 

Obviously it was a classic retail mistake if it is true.  I heard that the retailer didn't know that they priced a dry suit thinking it was the under garments. 

I've been racking my brains to remember where I heard it, and who I heard it from.  I'm sure I'll eventually remember it.

Anyway,  sorry to hear about it in any event.

Good Evening, I'm sure that someone can explain that to the nice policeman while they are being booked for theft
PS I don't think that I would buy that,sounds like snake-oil salesman
how does some one walk out of a store with a drysuit? aren't there cameras?
Walk in wearing a bulky coat.  Try it on.  Walk out even bulkier!
Some people just like to spread rumors over other peoples misfortune.
It almost sounds like the check out person did not know the dry suits value, and sold it for a cheaper price. What the bar code rang up.
Good Evening, I think that someone could have switched the bar code tags on the suit also. Knowing the two people that work the dive shop area, they do know the  a dry suit  from underwear.
Is it Gander Mountains policy to accuse people of stealing, without knowing all the facts?
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