Full Version: Discover Rebreathers at the Dive into the Past
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    Discover Rebreathers

The GLSPS will be sponsoring a Discover Rebreather program again at this years Dive Into The Past show.
The units covered will be the Frog, Inspiration Classic, Vision, Evolution, Meg. Copis, Meg. Apex and the Kiss Classic.
We will have a variety of local and distant instructors to answer all your questions.
We will meet in the classroom at 11:30am to fill out forms and have an overview of the rebreathers and how they work, the pool section will be from Noon to 2:00 pm.
Bring your bathing suits and towels.
The cost will be $75 and attendees’ must register in advance.
To register or any other questions contact
Bob Olson at or call 651-303-4114


Bob, I don't need to dive any, but I would like to sit in the class to learn about the different models. What is the charge for that, and how long will the seminar be, not including diving?