Full Version: Congratulations New CCR Divers
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Welcome to the dark side 4 new CCR Divers: Dave, Vadim, Mike and Al.  This past weekend we enjoyed a break in the weather and Dave and Vadim completed almost all of the dives....we are planning a Lk. Superior shore dive for the final dive and a fitting graduation dive!  Mike and Al will be doing their CCR class over the winter, with dives in the Spring locally.

All of the divers are headed toward the Kamloops and trimix diving at Isle Royale and abroad, it just makes sense with a CCR.  I will be hosting CCR Trimix Classes in May, June and July.

Dave, Mike and Al just picked up very nice used Classic Inspirations, and Vadim is looking at the Meg.  If you are joining me for the upcoming CCR Pool demo, I may have another clean used Classic Inspiration at a great price too.

Good Diving