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A Closer Look Inside CCR’s February 27th

This is an in depth workshop and free ccr demo with rebate from GUDC.

Join the Midwest’s most experienced rebreather instructor for an in-depth workshop on Rebreathers.  This workshop will include presentations on the basics of CCR’s, a detailed look inside rebreathers, box lunch, and then concludes with a pool demonstration at GUDC’s on-site pool.    Your day begins with the basics of how rebreathers function, how they can benefit your diving locally or in travel, myths and common misunderstandings of rebreathers, plus ample time for questions and answers, all in the comfort of GUDC’s classroom.  We will break for a box lunch provided to you, and then proceed to the detailed look inside rebreathers.  During the inside look, we will do just that; take apart rebreathers to examine the components that make up a CCR, then re-build the units for your pool demonstration.  During the pool demonstration you will have the opportunity to dive three of the most popular CCR’s on the market.  You will enjoy a relaxed, un-hurried atmosphere with ample time to really experience the feel of diving a rebreather.

Dress comfortably, bring paper/pen, note pad, small calculator, and if you wish camera for pictures during presentations or in-depth workshop.  Box lunch will include deli sandwich, chips, and soda.  The pool is comfortably heated to 86 degrees, but since you will be spending as generous amount of time on the rebreathers you may want to bring a thin exposure suit, along with swimsuit, towel, mask and fins (if you have an u/w camera please take pics).

This event is a $95 value that will be offered for a limited time only at no cost to you with a GUDC Rebate.  To sign up you must pay in advance a $40 registration fee which guarantees your space in this event.  You will receive a $40 Gift Certificate from GUDC to be redeemed for any regular merchandise of your choice.

Call Going Under Dive Center and Photo to sign up now 763-424-8717
This sounds really interesting.  I don't have any interest in buying a CCR but I am curious to see how they work and think it would be fun to try them.  I wouldn't want to take a spot away from someone who is looking to get one.  Is it OK to sign up if you are just curious about them and not planning to learn to use them or buy one?
Thats the same day as the GLSPS show, not a good choice. ???

The focus of this event is to provide the highest quality information available, and for people to try a CCR.  No need to worry about buying a rebreather.  It is good for the diving community to learn the correct information, so it does not repeat the same pitfalls that occurred when products like Nitrox were introduced.

I will be offering Free With Rebate CCR Demos across the Midwest this winter, next opportunity will be in Wisconsin, Illinois, then Michigan.  Links to the participating dive stores will be posted on this site and other forums.   

Good Diving

Hmmmmm, this is unfortunate and I didn't realize it was the same day.

It turns out I'm probably going ice fishing that weekend anyway so I won't have to choose. 
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Should be interesting.
GLSPS will be a priority for me If I break away from ski sport
The RB demonstrations are a good way to get introduced to a different way of diving.