Full Version: Welcom New CCR Divers Daren, Thad, Brian, Jon
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It was a nice weekend at Wazee with plenty of sunshine, warm water, and visibility was reasonable shallow and bit clearer beyond 60 feet.  Divers logged 5 hour long dives Sat / Sun, and CCR Skills progressed nicely.  It was a fun group with mixed CCR's; 1 Classic Inspiration, 1 rEvo, and 2 Megalodon.  I enjoy the challenge of mixed units, and the divers got a great perspective on how the other divers units operated.  To keep myself fluent, I started the weekend diving my rEvo, then switched to the Copis Meg, and still need to log more hours on the new Poseidon...stay tuned for the modifications to the KISS Explorer  Wink

Congratulations to Daren, Thad, Brian and Jon.  Please welcome the new CCR divers to the Midwest diving community.

Congrats, and Good Dives!!

Deep Thought
Great Job guys! Now lets all go diving, Linda

I would dive with you anytime, anywhere Linda. Just make sure and bring the  "APPLES"
The nice thing is that Pitbull will still dive with us lowly OC divers too. ;D

Anyone....even you Ron Tongue

Anyone....even you Ron Tongue

We can take a ride on the short bus next weekend (just for old time sake)???

Anyone....even you Ron Tongue

Wow, you are brave!!  >Big Grin
Congrats! Nice to see a couple more Midwest Meg divers  ;D