Full Version: Friday May 14th Happy Hour!!!
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Didnt have one in April and there is a certain couple that wont be able to make it to anymore after this month so I am getting the ball rolling on this one!!!

How about Applebee's in Columbia Heights (corner of 694 and 65) - this Saturday evening around 6???

UPDATE - Friday May 14th it is - around 5:00 pm at Applebee's in Columbia Heights!!!
Can't. Diving superior.
What day(s) work for you?
This weekend or the next weekend at Applebee's would work for me
Fishing opener is comming up also. but I will keep it in mind if you know for sure when. I vote 15th or week after
This weekend in it's entirely is out due to a soccer tournament and Mothers Days. I would be open to next Friday or Saturday night.

The 14th would be better than the 15th.  We are doing the rescue class on the 15th and 16th.
The 14th works on my end too, soooooooo

Applebee's in Columbia Heights Friday May 14th

I wont be able to be there until 6:30 or so but should the plan be say....5:00 pm???

acharpenter , changed the title of the original post for ya... May 14th it is.

Thanks dude!!!
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