Full Version: August Happy Hour Saturday August 21st
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OK last one was in Roseville - so now we go across the cities to the West side.....

Joe Sensors in Plymouth

16605 County Road 24
Minneapolis, MN 55447-1294

Get Directions
(763) 559-1990

I will be there around 6:30 or so as I usually work until 6p but will try to get out early.

Who's in???

Nice location, but I'll be out of town!  :-\
Any interest??? Otherwise can cancel this one out and someone can set something up for September....?
I'll be out of town as well :-[ I am bummed as I missed the last one.
What about changing the date to "Friday the 13th!"?

If that makes it work for everyone - I am all for it

K all - how about next Friday? THE 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
I am free on Friday the 13th. Same location and time?
ahhhhh...crap......the 13th we will be doing a camping / diving outing over at Wazee for the weekend. One of these ones I will make it out.

             Hey Angie,
                        I cant make the 13th, am up at the Casino at Millacs working all this week, and from here I head to Superior's north shore, doing some dives with the GLSPS, wont get back to Sun. night. How about the next one we have on my deck? Its pretty dandy with plenty of cold beers, good tunes, nice flowers, (that makes me laugh just to admit) bitchen nice grills, charcoal too, for you propane snobs, some of you have seen it, let me know your thoughts.       TRINITY
I am available for this coming Friday night or Trinity's idea has great merit - Arrr he's great to throw'em down with ;D
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