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Bret Gilliam has donated almost 200 copies of his book Diving Pioneers and Innovators to the GLSPS. This $60 book is available to members for only $20 and $25 for non-members. This coffee table book conatins interviews with nineteen individuals who have changed our knowledge or involvement with the underwater world.  For ordering contact a GLSPS Board member from their website For more information about the book read a review by Eric Hanauer at
    This is a really good book with lots of color pictures,and diving history!
    A real steal at  this price.
    Please  Support the GlSPS
    Big Grin                        Jerry

We are selling the amazing book "Diving Pioneers and Innovators" at the new Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show.February 26, 2011.

Please stop by the GLSPS booth to pick up your copy.  Pricing is, $20.00 for GLSPS Members and $25.00 for non members.

You can also purchase this amazing book by logging onto the GLSPS Website at and click on "Contact us"  Then click on Paul Imsland's email address to send him a short email (with mailing address), stating that you would like to purchase one or two of these great books.  You can also use your credit card to purchase the book as well. 

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President