Full Version: GLSPS 2011 Project Planning Meeting
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Greetings GLSPS Members,

The GLSPS is inviting you to attend the 2011 Project Planning Meeting this coming Tuesday Dec 14 at Lund’s Community Room for 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  If you have any ideas for a Underwater or above water Project for the GLSPS to plan, please try to attend this meeting. 

I will bring Project Request Forms to fill out.  The Projects will be submitted to the GLSPS Board of Directors for review and if approved by the Board, it will be officially scheduled for a 2011 project.  (Or for a future project).

If you can’t make it to the meeting and have a very important project to request, please fill out the project request form on the GLSPS Website and submit it to me.  Contact information below.

The deadline for submitting Projects is December 31 2010.  The final copy of the schedule will be completed by January 31, 2011.  The GLSPS has the right to change the schedule at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.  (Such as weather, Funds and etc).

See you there.

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President or
Office - 763-420-2059 or Cell - 612-720-2825
Bob, I would like to be there but I have a class to teach that nite. Will try again.
PM me with any ideas you have.
I can present them at the meeting.

The Planning Committee completed the first stage of the 2011 Programs and Project Planning Schedule.

Minor details still need to be worked out on some of the proposed projects.  After all details are completed, the GLSPS Board of Directors will vote for approval.  Hopefully at the January 4th meeting.

If you are a GLSPS Member, please log onto the website and click on the tab "NEWS" then "News Stories" to get a glimpse of the tentative programs and projects we are planning for 2011.

The website address is still the same, .  Please take a minute to take a look. 

An email will be sent to all members only, when the project schedule is done and ready for you to sign up for a project.

If you are not a member, it is easy to become one.  Just log onto the website and join!  All information to become a member or to renew your current membership is on-line now!  We now take credit cards on-line.  We still accept checks as well!   

After you become a member of the GLSPS, you will be able to join us on any of the great projects we have planned.
If you don't, you will miss out!

Hope to see you all on a project this year.

Best regards,

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President

The GLSPS Board of Directors completed the 2011 Programs and Project Schedule.

The new schedule will be released and available to sign up at the Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show February 26, 2011.  Please stay tuned for a quick glimpse at the Project Schedule before the show on the GLSPS Website.   

Unfortunately, you will need to be a member to view the schedule and sign up for a project (or two).  So, please don't hesitate to become a member for as little as $25.00.  Or, you may want to be at a higher level by becoming a Boatswain, plank owner or Helmsman.  If you become a higher member, you will be recognized as a higher donor / supporter by listing (or advertising) your name or company in the GLSPS Newsletter and website as a major supporter.  Please log onto the GLSPS Website at to join today. 

Hope to see some new faces on a project this summer.

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President

The GLSPS has completed the 2011 Programs and Projects Schedule for Viewing only.

Members will only be able to sign up (Register) for the S.S. Meteor Project, and a couple of other land based projects for now, until we set up all the diving projects for registering in the events calendar on the GLSPS Website.

Please log onto , enter your member user name and password and then click on "2011 Projects"  then have a look. 

We are scrambling to get all projects listed on the website to be able to Register at or a few days before this years UMSAT Show.  So please check often.

You can also sign up for a project at the UMSAT show.  We will have computers at the GLSPS booth to help you sign up.

Hope to see you at the show or on a project this year.

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President

The GLSPS has Completed the 2011 Programs and Projects Schedule.

The GLSPS completed most of the 2011 Programs and Projects Schedule for the upcoming summer season of diving.  If you are a member, you can now view the new released schedule and Register for a project.  Please log onto the GLSPS Website at .  Then enter your user name and password.  On the front page and on the left side, you will find fields to select.  Please select "2011 Projects".  After entering and viewing the 2011 Programs and Projects Schedule, please click on the highlighted project name that interests you.  The link will bring you into a more detailed description of the project.  (Scroll down to the bottom to read more).  If you are interested and meet all the criteria of the project, please click on "Register" for the project.  Follow the instructions until you complete the Registration procedure.  You will receive an email confirmation stating that you are now registered for the project.  The Project leader will contact you within a few weeks for an interview.  Please keep a close eye out for additional emails about the project.

If you have any additional questions about a program or project, please contact the Project Leader by phone which is listed on the Project Schedule.

Hope to see many of you on a project this year.

Phil Kerber
GLSPS President