Full Version: GLSPS Ice Diving Documentation Practice Class
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The GLSPS is Presenting an Ice Diving Documentation Practice Class this coming weekend, Saturday and Sunday February 5 & 6.  If you would like to join us and you are a member, please sign up by logging onto the GLSPS Website at .  There are more details about the project on the website. 

Please note:  You can only see the detailed information about the project if you log on as a member.

Please hurry, we only have a few openings left.  You will need to "Register" (Sign up) for this project to seal your spot.

See you there.
This project is now full but please feel free to stop by and say hello and meet some members.

If you don't mind driving on the lake we should be easy to find with a large dive flag and a blue and yellow shack off of the island.
The GLSPS completed it's first Underwater Project for 2011.

The GLSPS sponsored an Ice Diving Documentation Practice Class last Saturday February 5 2011.  It was scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday out on Lake Minnetonka but, ended up going for only one day. 

We had a slow start because of the classroom session but we all learned a lot about documenting a shipwreck.  Thanks Bob Nelson!  We still were able to accomplish our goals for the Documentation in one day.  Therefore we called the second day of diving that was scheduled for Sunday.  (Truthfully I think most wanted to see all the Superbowl Highlights that day so they all worked that much harder)  Just kidding guys!  All of you did a great job.

We accomplished a lot despite the poor visibility and completed the drawing of the Port side of the Hercules.  We also started the drawing of the starboard side.  Much more was accomplished than last years project.  (It rained all day last year).  So, we are well on our way to complete a final 3D map drawing of the Hercules and surrounding area.

Next year we will finish the starboard side of the Hercules.  The map will then be turned over to the Minnesota Historical Society for final approval.  Then they will print it for both their records and hang up a display for the public.

This is another great project GLSPS Members enjoyed.  We had three new members join us on this project.  Hopefully some of you that are not members will become members and join us on a future Project.

Have a great day.