Full Version: Arctic Plunge Sat. March 5
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Have no fear, Team Isanti will be here!

                Nate, can we look for anchors in your plunge hole?

no!!  I haven't seen the movie broke back Mountain but I know enough about it to be nervous about you, your cowboy hat, and poetry. ;D ;D

The event went smooth. There were no phone booths there for us to change into our super hero dive gear. Diet pepsi substituted for the super energy pill,
We were sitting on blocks of ice next to the hole when I heard someone say don't move. I looked to the side and there was a photographer zooming in on my new team Isanti rock boots!  :Smile

                      Huh,,,,, :-\,
            ( Steve, if we could have a little Irish rap drum beat here,,,,,)

                                  There once was a guy names Nate, but now, for him, it was just fate, hell we gave him all of Isanti County, to find his bounty, and for awhile, it looked like he'd ride off like a mounty. Then came Arcflash, who said with a grin, "I'll make him swim, his head will spin, no way will he win. I am the tool, to show that fool, that my anchors are the jewel". The G-men will make him suffer, to swell up like a puffer, he'll need an extra large chew snuffer, and in the end he will be short, to squeal like a pig and snort, "if only I was a G-man, and not just pork"!            TRINITY
Vehicles at the Arctic Plunge 2011.
We gave out hundreds of Dive Team logo decals and the owners of these vehicles put the decals on right away. Many asked for two so they could put one on each side.
More Arctic Plunge photos. The big ice saw would only cut through about 20" of ice because of the diameter of the blade. The saw was over 100 years old I was told.

I must have missed this. Please, allow me to retort

my name is Nate, yes it's my fate, you wish you were as great, team Isanti will dominate.

Don't be a tool, I'm not your fool, team G. wishes they were as cool, and in the end it is you who will bow down to our rule.

In our uniforms we may look like a moutie, but don't think for a second that will stop us from taking your bounty.

Yes we may wear a star, we don't waste much time in a bar.

But when you find yourself in trouble, you will wish you had team Isanti the double.

We play by the rules, on the straight and narrow, with no need to hide behind a big sombrero.

You can hide your posts, don't sign in like a ghost.

We listened to your talk, we're never going to walk

with poems and rhymes you may be king,

but in your own ice competition you aint nothin but a thing!