Full Version: April Happy Hour!!!
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Alright gang,  we haven't gathered for a while, so I guess somebody needs to start the ball rolling!  I propose the following ideas: 

How about somewhere new?  first idea - Mango Tango at 694 & Shingle Creek Pkwy. second idea - I saw something over near the Buca in Maple Grove that I haven't tried (but I don't remember the name of it at the moment, so if that sparks interest I'll have to go get details - and maybe scout it out to see if it's OK)

to give folks some planning time, I'll suggest Thursday the 14th as first choice, Saturday the 16th as second, and Friday the 15th as third option.

Who's up for dinner and conversation?  Any other ideas?
We could make Saturday the 16th - wouldnt be until later as we wouldnt be leaving Coon Rapids until about 7 pm
I'd love to go and meet more of the club but we'll be in Coz diving  ;D
Ill be around after the 23rd :-P
The 16th is my B-day and I'm pretty sure someone has party plans for me one of those days.  Let me know what date and location gets finalized and I will see if it fits.