Full Version: Liz, Lee, Allan Congrats Titan CCR Divers!!!
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Just wrapped up a fantastic week of training Liz, Lee, and Allan on the Titan CCR.  This is an amazing rebreather, and I'm glad my old friend Tom Mount has pestered me to pick one up.  I stopped to spend the day with Tom on the way to Florida Keys.  And to comment again on just how good the diving is in the Keys:  we saw several Eagle Rays in singles and groups, Giant Turtles, Lobsters, Crabs, Rays, Jawfish, and a Goliath Grouper the size of a Mini Cooper, plus all the usual stuff.  One of my favorites is a drift on Molasses "wall" / drop.    The wrecks like Duane and Speigel are fantastic, especially on CCR. 

Congratulations to Liz, Lee and Allan and look forward to more travels with you soon.


Some land and sea pics

fun week of diving