Full Version: Anyone for Lake Okoboji (northwest IA) on 6/25/11or 6/26?
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would love to check out this lake. I've never been diving here before, and they do have a dive shop on the lake ;D. let me know   I also have a boat so we could get out to some of the deeper places in the lake. it is south of Jackson mn, and a little to the west.

Check out the towers while you are down there.  You will see a large amount of fish hanging out in those structures.  The dive shop will be able to point you to the best spots. Have fun!
Sounds like fun--I've been wanting to dive there.  I can't make it that weekend but the following Friday and weekend are wide open for me in case you change the date

The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd, no good for me :–( too much going on at home that weekend. But possibly the next weekend after that again for me.

will do Jason, thanks for the tip ;D
Sounds like we got 2 of us meeting at the dive shop around 10am sunday morning.  ROOM FOR MORE :-)
Well that was fun ;D  Nice to meet you, and your wife today Rick. Got to see the tower, a good amount of fish, and found a sweet anchor for my boat, now I can return the one I just bought ;D