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  I have been on ebay looking for a flashlight. I have only been diving for two years now, and thinking about taking the advance course this year. I don't have $500+ to spend on a flashlight, and was wanting to know if anyone had good luck w/ the cheaper dive lights?

I really like my underwater kinetics c4 led

It has a nice white light, locking trigger, 2 powers.

My other inexpensive lights are Princeton tech 4 C and 6 C xenon, 1/2 or 1/3 the price of the led, good, but not as nice color of light.
Advanced Open water?  If that is the case, certainly any of the lights mentioned will work.  That said, try to decide where you want your diving to be in the future and buy something you don't have to throw away later and rebuy so when you want a real primary light you can use the money for it.  For example, the UK SL3 is a Halcyon Scout style light that is easily clipped and stowed on your harness if you planned to get into technical diving in the future.  They are around $60.  In the Tech Diving arena, $500 doesn't get you much.  Add a 1 in front of the 5 and you'll be golden ;o)  None of this stuff is cheap, but there is no point in buying a bunch of stuff only to have to rebuy it later.

Headlamps are handy and cheap as well >Big Grin
 Yeah Chris "advanced open water." Thanks for the advice, I'm not going to jump right into technical diving, just looking for a decent diving light to get me by. From the advice from freediverND, think I will consider the Kinetics C4.

Thanks again!

If you still want to save a little money and get the C4, I have a gently used one.  Let me know if you want to check it out and try it.  I am just looking to upgrade to a brighter light, and may spend the ching to get the canister light.

Just message me here.

A few years back I got a used DiveRite 10Watt HID slimline for $350 and it was an excellent light until the technology was overtaken by LED and I could not get a replacement lamp. DiveRite remade the light head for me at a fair price and now I run about 880 Lumins from it. It's ok but I don't love LED light.

When I replace it, I'm going to a 35W HID.

What I'm saying is shop used and you'll get better value but know what your buying, A 10W hid may be a steal today but if the lamp blow your s.o.l.
one of my favorite lights over the years has been a UK SL4.  pretty darn bright for a fairly compact light.  also have a couple of the C4s (pre-LED version).