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I was messing around with the Gopro mounts and I came up with a new configuration for mounting the Gopro Hero2 camera to a Kevlar helmet. I originally had the camera mounted in the typical style above the brim of the helmet. I wasn't happy with this as I can't tell if I am capturing on video what I'm seeing. I bought the 2" LCD screen that mounts to the back of the Gopro and extended the mounts so the camera is below the brim and directly in front of my left eye. This way it acts as a "Heads Up Display" and I can film exactly what I'm seeing. It really doesn't mess with your vision as much as I thought. I tried it out today and here are some photos of the set up. As soon as I finish converting the HD video so that I can post it to Youtube... I will be adding some posts (note I said "posts" like in plural) to the ICSD New Shipwreck Challenge  Wink!
Here are more Photos of the setup:
Here is the last set, with a teaser of what was found...
nice selection of rods!
Well it looks pretty cool, not sure id want it reducing my reduced vision tho.

I ended up getting a hero2, is there a setting to flip the video, or do you just edit it?
It has a setting to flip the image 180 degrees. I really like the concept of these little HD cameras, but the conversion times of the large files drives me nuts. I have three videos that i'm trying to convert that will be kinda impressive on youtube but the file conversion is taking a long, loooong time.
Thanks for posting!  I'm trying to play around with getting this thing (Hero2) mounted for POV somehow myself...

No problem. The cool thing is the flexibility of mounting options.
Team G,

Resistance is futile

prepare to be assimilated... ;D ;D ;D

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