Full Version: Merry Christmas to my Icing Buddies
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Our manager decided yesterday that he does not want anyone working over the plant shutdown, so I tried to book a flight, there are no openings whatsoever for a flight back to Minnesota prior to Christmas. So I am stuck down here in the bayou over the holidays. So some of my consultant buddies from Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Wyoming will have a little get together.

So I will wish all my "Icing Buddies" a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All I ask of you is to post a few icing pics so that I can share them with my cajun buddies.

                    Hey Dangerous Dave,
          Check out the 3rd annual for some pics and videos, will jump again tomorrow, should have a decent 2-3". I'll look back on some previous years discs see if I can't find some pics, of how tough you use to be.  :-* Merry Christmas to you Dave!    Trinity
Still no ice here, but then again, kind of tough to make ice on this New Years Day with temps in the mid 70's. Just talked to a buddy from Osakis and they are driving on the lakes in his area.

                    Hey Dangerous Dave,
                Ya we jumped Medicine yesterday, just north of the 45 parallel, was pretty nice for being 9 below overnight. They were driving many cars and a few trucks out on the ice, and there's no melt in sight, so we should be able to drive on this weekend. That will be pretty nice, only drove my silverado on the ice once last year, on St. Louis Bay on Tonka before Hennepin Co. closed the lakes to driving on altogether. Dont think there will be any PSDs jumping with us, but I will probably bring the police instead, hell, their a better time anyway, especially to look at, like this one. You see if you can make it up here Dangerous Dave.
What does that pick of Catwoman have to do with ice diving? Or is this just an incentive to get me under the ice again?

Still running around here in shorts and sandles and these darn warm-water divers quite diving shortly after Labor Day. The dive stores do not even plan events because it is just too cold. In the past they had planned dives, but nobody showed up, so if there is in fact something scheduled, it is mearly for publisity. The diving down here pretty much ends around mid September and won't fire up again until mid June.

Boy does that suck.