Full Version: domain move
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I've been working to move the domain to a new registrar over the past few weeks. It looks like the change will go through sometime this week. I'll try to minimize any downtime with this transition, but it's possible the site may disappear for a few hours. Thank you for your patience!
Is this the same thing that happened to WIscuba?  Ever since whatever happened to it a while ago, I cannot log in on the forum.  I tried sending a request for a new password, but never got a reply back.
The domain registrar change is complete.

No, it's not the same type of move. The forum was upgraded to a new forum system - MyBB. If you are having login problems please send me a private message on this forum with your wiscuba login username. I can reset the password for you.

I plan to upgrade the forum to the same software system soon -- possibly next week! The forum software we are using right now is on its last legs.