Full Version: board software security update
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I had to put the board into maintenance mode this morning to apply a critical security update to the SMF forum software. The update was installed successfully. The update process changed the default forum template and that's why the site looks a little different. I will need to make modifications to the template over the next couple days. Also, the update removed access to some of the old site features such as the gallery and the dive shop listings. I am permanently removing the gallery. I announced this pending change many months ago. The gallery doesn't serve a purpose anymore with all the newer and better image hosting services available on the web today. The other website features will reappear in the next month when the new site is launched. As always, thanks for your patience during these changes.
hey is it possible that personal messages either are not going thru, or most recent ones in last few days were deleted? i seem to be missing some.
The update should not have impacted personal messages. I can see personal messages from 4/3. If you know the details of a specific message you are looking for I can try to track it down for you. PM me the details.