Full Version: Orlando in Sept/Oct
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I got a work trip to Orlando coming up the last weekend in September till October 3rd and was thinking about leaving a few days early to do some diving. I was thinking of possibly flying into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and doing some diving down there since there doesn't appear to be any places near 'inland' Orlando. Can anyone recommend some places down by Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miamia area to do some boat charters. (also looking for buddy if anyone is going to be down there during this time.

I highly recommend Jupiter, just north of West Palm Beach. Was down there this March and saw all kinds of sharks - nurse, reef, and even one hammerhead - plus several kinds of turtles, the largest stingray I've even seen, and a number of goliath groupers. Not your typical colorful Caribbean reef diving. Just a north-south ledge that attracts all kinds of larger species. As a guy mostly used to Caribbean diving, it was a nice change. We dove with Jupiter Dive Center out of Jupiter and Narcosis out of West Palm Beach. Both did a great job. Might have just been luck of the day, but I thought the diving with JDC was notably better.

We flew into Orlando and drove down - about 2.5 hours. I think it's just over one hour from Miami, and less than that from FLL.

You could check into the inland springs. They're interesting diving...Ginnie Springs is north of Orlando, Blue Hole, and a couple of others. Some may even have Manatees...Other than that, I'd drive down to Key Largo, but that'd be quite a long drive from Orlando!
I have been diving in the Fort Lauderdale area twice in the past few years. I was there in Oct. both times. On both trips We were canceled due to large waves and the boats were not allowed out. I was hoping to dive 6 days when we were there and only got the first and last on both trips. The diving is decent, a ship wreck on the first dive and a drift dive on the second. The reef is ok, nothing like the Carribean. Enjoy the trip!