Full Version: Aquaventure GoPro Video Contest
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Aquaventure Dive and Photo Center is pleased to present the Scuba GoPro Video Contest.

The Contest
GoPro Studio 2.0 is out, so let's put it to work. Slice, dice, cut, edit, and overlay your best scuba vid that you can dial in. Divers are encouraged to submit (1) video with a 5 minute maximum length for consideration in this month's contest. Subject: anything and everything scuba related. Entries will be judged by Aquaventure on May 1st, and winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Submit your entries here:

The top winner will receive a Aquaventure T-shirt and a Fisheye LED500 DX video light!! Have fun and good luck!
There is some pretty stiff competition entered for this contest, and I thought I would put some video together for it using a combination of the GoPro Studio 2.0.01 video editing software and the Windows Movie Maker software. This is the first time I have added music to a video. Before this, I thought music in a dive video was a distraction... But now I understand that some video (like mine) need a distraction. The video doesn't flow from scene to scene, but jumps back and forth from local diving to the tropics. The goal of this video was to convey contrast, without comparing or judging quality of the two different climates as it relates to diving. Tons of fun can be had in both.