Full Version: greenwater filter demo
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this is just a quick video comparison of a snap on green-water filter for the gopro3. Im not really sold but not definite yet... water vis was about 10' light penetration wasnt so good with 2 feet of snow... open water will most likely be better due to subtractive light effect of a physical filter. i have some other video looking up at the ice which makes it look a lot more color balanced, but i didnt have comparative video without the filter looking up.

see what you think....
It looks way too purple/blue too me. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with green water. One of the most respected underwater photographers used to say that ocean water should be blue and lake water should be green. That being said, I typically try to bring some blue into my lake shots while white balancing pictures. Can you white balance on a gopro? If not, I would just try to adjust during post color-grading.