Full Version: '17 Speargun Stamp would allow taking pike and cats
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there's a bill up in the House right now that hasn't been settled yet that would require spearfishermen to buy the same $5 spearing license that the spear house guys get

EDIT SEE POST #5- I didn't catch this the first time I posted here- this Bill would allow spear fishermen to take northerns and cats, along with rough fish

Link to Speargun bill

I wouldn't mind at all throwing a few extra bucks to the DNR- might help keep access for us in the decades to come if they realize they are getting some dough from us- if it passes, will be real interesting to see how many of us there actually are, and where in the state we're located

I sometimes get the feeling there's not that many of us, and I'm certainly not complaining since we seem to have lots of carp available here in the metro lakes for our hunting expeditions

I'll keep you all posted as soon as I hear how this comes out
the 2015 Fishing Regs are out and online and I don't see any changes to spearfishing/harpooning from last year

however, for those who are into bowfishing, people 60 and over can now use crossbows!
would be nice if they relaxed the laws, and allowed for divers to take pike within the legal limits. and possibly other game fish. i wouldn't mind an occasional "other" fish to harvest.
I've often thought that just to get in the door for game fish spearing, a limit of 1/2 the line fishing limit, i.e. walleye 3 in possession instead of 6. And limit the panfish also. Also, border states of north dakota and south dakota allow game fish spearing. It would be nice to stick something that is edible.
Another thought is... snorkeling (freediving) only, not on scuba, maybe that would open the door to game fish spearing in minnesota a bit easier too.

(03-07-2015, 04:12 AM)popolarbear Wrote: [ -> ]would be nice if they relaxed the laws, and allowed for divers to take pike within the legal limits. and possibly other game fish. i wouldn't mind an occasional "other" fish to harvest.
ya know what guys, I just read the HF Bill again, and I think the whole point of it is that it DOES allow for spearfishermen to shoot other fish!

....only rough fish, catfish, lake whitefish, and northern pike may be taken by spearing.

I thought they were just going to charge us $5 and not change anything else, but it looks like the entire point of the bill is that we would get to shoot these other fish.

I'll do some more checking on what's going on- perhaps if we sent Popo to one of the hearings, we could get this passed, or even better yet if they added a reduced limit of eyes and panfish as well.

I'm curious who first came up with the idea- a diver, or just a lawmaker who saw it as a way to get more revenue by charging us, and at the same time, throwing us a bone that doesn't cost anybody anything.

Can't believe I didn't see this the first time I read this and posted about it, but that legalese is kinda hard to understand for a carpin' hillbilly like myself.
currious, the whitefish mention is VERY INTERESTING. any one actully see whitefish while diving? have on very rare occasion, and what little i have seen, they swam by so fast it was only a brief encounter, that i had to play the video back to figure out what it was that flashed by me. immense schools of them.... but kinda smallish. id like to see some more diving, more out of interest. ...any one actually see these or the TULIBEES?

ALSO you failed to notice. that flathead catfish now will have closed season during the winter. that is kinda a bummer with the potentially opening spearfishing season.
looks like they simply transferred the species word for word, that dark house guys are allowed to take in 2015, to divers

wonder how many dark house guys ever see a whitefish?

haven't heard anything yet from the lawmaker I e-mailed, but that stuff can take awhile
I am keeping my eyes wide open on this thread or any threads on this topic! Thanks.
I would like to get into spearing whether under scuba or just snorkel... if anybody would be willing to fill me in on any tips or rules I should know that would be a huge help. I'd like to tag along with someone to shin me the ropes if possible
where are you located IronMonkey?

I do all of my hunting snorkeling only- most of the year no need to go deep for the mighty carp

the trick is finding clear water around here, but last year was really good for clarity at our favorite spots

also, you won't find any spearguns or accessories anywhere in the metro, but across the river at the shop in Hudson they carry some

of course there's the internet, too- legal to buy spearguns by mail

check with PopolarBear or myself on this site for tips if you want to get a gun- lots of choices to make

the rules are pretty straightforward- check out pages 55-66 in the regs.
- of course you have to have a fishing license!

oddly, you only have to have a dive flag if you're on SCUBA, but the smart deal is to use a dive flag while snorkeling where there's boat traffic
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