Full Version: Diving Near Fort Bragg, CA
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Last week I came back from a week vacation near Fort Bragg, California. I brought the dry suit and got in a few shore dives. Not much for chartered dive trips in that neck of the woods, but there was a great dive shop in Fort Bragg called Sub Surface Progression. They rates for renting tanks was dirt cheap at two tanks and all the lead you need for $20 for a 24 hour period. I did that a few times and then just normal vacation stuff. The viz was only about 10' in the areas that weren't too rough to get to. The water temp was 53 degrees. Here is a video from the trip:
ha, nice editing you done there

is this the start of the isanti spark plug challenge?

looks like it was washing machine conditions in the waster!

I enjoyed the video. Smile
Thanks Joe, the surge was kinda crazy. Every time I found a sheltered cove, the high cliffs kept telling me that I'm getting old. I did try to get a fresh water rinse on my last dive in a river south of Mendocino, but the 5' high tidenmade the river 1/2 salt water. About the spark plugs... You know me and my "strength in numbers" theory. LOL

Here is a link to some photos from the trip:
Hey nice video! Looks like there was a lot of interesting stuff in the shallows. Did you eat ant abalone when you were there?
Nope I never did get to try Abalone. The season started April 1st and there were alot of free divers harvesting it while we were there. There was a limit of 3 per day with the season ending in December. I guess its against the law to sell it but I have heard that on the black market, its going for $100/pound. At 2.5 pounds for a big Abalone, there was a fair amount of conservation officers with binoc's watching the coast from the cliff tops. The trinkets on the bottom had my interest meter pegged for a while but I found out all that glitters is not gold... silver maybe but not gold.