Full Version: Feels good to be back
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I've been out of the area for almost four (4) years, sure feels good to be back diving in the Cuyuna Pits. Spending the weekend diving and meeting old friends.
I saw your tanks at the shop last week. Welcome back Dave
Welcome back Dave!
But what a haul, Mitchell to the Cuyuna Pits, 365 miles and 7-1/2 hours, ouch.

Did get a chance to talk with Doug, what a guy, not sure about the Kia deal though, guess it gives you more money for air. And Bill is still going strong at the dive store, so all is well.
any good fishing in Mitchell?
welcome back "dangerous"
Good fishing? Mitchell has a man-made lake on the north side, water clarity is about 6". They are catching walleye, bass and northerns, although not real big.

Looks like I may be in Mitchell for awhile, love the job, but out in the middle of nowhere. To drive my 3/4 ton 4x4 back to Crosby/Ironton costs a few bucks since the "Pits" are a 355 mile drive, one way. Maybe next spring I will pickup a Diesel car, which will help quite a bit, but hinder getting back to some of the pits.

Made three (3) trips to the "Pits" this past summer (2015).