Full Version: Trinity's 6th Annual Icing Challenge,,,,,
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Hello Everyone,
Its that time of year again, almost forgot, it amazes me that this has run beyond the first year, but it's 5 seasons are coming up on 1800 responses and 270,000 views here on MNscuba. I bet that's more ohhhs,,, and ahhhhs,,,, that all my 25 years of electric work combined has generated! The challenge has morph'd into just a good time, not really any challenge at all. I always look back at the night icing on Waconia with generators shooting 3500 watts of light thru the ice, another 1500 above, and grills fixing salmon, chicken, spuds and such, and it does make me smile, in that way it has been everything I wanted it to be. The whole intent of these challenge's was to just put together a group of icers that you could count on to jump every weekend from ice you can walk on, just barely,,,,,to ice you can,well,,,,crawl on like a salmander, to get back to shore as the warm spring sun melts the block from under you. First ice,,,, (always a good time) giving honarable mention to Arcflash's cracked ribs,,, is only a week or so away.
Almost makes me want to bust into a rap tune,,,,( sung to the beat of any of the dead rapprers tunes, who left us far too soon, Tupac, Biggie, Easy E, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Pimp C,,,,,

,,,We're bold, sure we get cold, we dont always do as were told,, (a shout out to the DNR). Like the gal, who said, "your nuts, why you freeze your butts"? We crawl thru the muck, lot's of air we do suck, Robert can't jump cause he has to shoot the buck, but there's no stopping my truck! In my shack, sure we talk lots of smack, sometimes have a snack, but we never do any crack, we leave that for the ice, sometimes its nice, just to make it back can be a roll of the dice, but thats the spice. On the line I jerk, when I pop thru the hole that's my perk, anchors I weigh, high winds cause my shack to sway, but at the end of the day, I got fiddy cent worth of iron to sell, sure I can barely take the smell, but I got a story to tell!!!!!! Trinity
dove sunday looking for ice, didnt find anything but muck, scotty was so disgusted with no ice, he left his gloves at home.
here's some video; big watab was 95% muck, so watch if you have 3 minutes to waste Smile

was that a catfish sleeping in the mud?

it's odd how few of them I see in the summer in MN lakes

they're probably pretty deep in the weeds most of the warmer times of the year

Does it seem like the lakes are murkier this fall than usual to anyone else... late turn-over?
Yes i agree, last 2 lakes i dove were wirth and watab, both had a milky white fog to the water. Tonka seems unusually clear however.
Hydro, is Wirth ever worth diving in the spring or summer?

always looks pretty murky to me

what do you ever see there anyway? big carp?
Hi everyone, I found this site while googling so maybe I've been away too long.

Hey stranger, you have been away for a while. funny about the googling. Smile
What do we have for lake ice?
Scuba, we're still looking for first ice. Was hoping for this weekend but the nights don't seem to be getting cold enough yet. Less we head north, say,,,Isanti County,,,,, Go steal some anchors from their lakes,,,,
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