Full Version: Scuba Breathing Air Compressor System
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Breathing air compressor for scuba for hyper filtered air.  Comes with 5 - 4500 psi storage banks, which 3 tanks are ASME and don't require hydros.  1 aviation Oxygen Storage (owned, not leased) size K (I believe).  Comes with 3 whips, regulators, gauges, extra filters, manual, air sample test kit and two compressor motors.  The second motor, 3 phase, was what was originally installed when I purchased from Scuba shop that went out of business.  This is now a single phase so that it can be run in a residential building.  

I bought it when I was heavy into scuba and technical diving and didn't want to drive all the way to Eagan to get hyper filtered gas for my tanks.  The compressor has 1137 hours on it and the new motor has about 82 hours on it.  I have never had an issue with and it produces great gas, just don't have the need for it anymore.

This would be a great set up for some who likes the ability to mix their own gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen and Helium), just wants the convenience of having your own compressor to fill your own Scuba tanks or an added business venture.

I have about $7000 wrapped up in the system.  Call, Txt or PM me an offer, the worst I can say is no.
Call 320.237.4379
I have about $7000 wrapped up in it.  Call, Txt or PM me an offer, the worst I can say is no.

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