Full Version: BP/W easier to travel with?
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I currently dive with a Zeagle Stilleto. 

When we travel I take it with me.  While it's smaller then some BCD's it does take up a fair bit of bag space. 

I was wondering a plate and wing setup would be easier to pack? I know it would give up some of the features of the Zeagle.
A BP/W  will occupy less space but will be heavier. Weight is more of a issue for most people. I travel with a Halcyon 2#Aluminum BP and I dive locally with a Halcyon 6# SS BP. I used to hand carry my SS BP but I have heard TSA not allowing them on flights as hand carry dues to the potential of using it as a weapon.

You migh get to the conclusion to rent the bulky items at your dive location and just carry the smaller items
i am doing this now for years and it worked fine