Full Version: Looking for local dive buddy
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Hi Everyone,

I got certified in MN back in 2011, and have dove primarily in the midwest and NC since then. I am currently an incoming senior in college, so between school and internships I'm not back in the twin cities all too often, which is why I don't know a lot of divers in the area. I am drysuit and AOW certified, and have all my own gear with the exception of tanks.

I go back to school in early September, and while I'm gone the weekend of the 26th, I am pretty much entirely free during the week for the next two weeks and would love to get some more local dives in prior to classes starting up again!

If there's anyone looking for a buddy, or a group that wouldn't mind having someone tag along, definitely let me know and we can exchange info via PM or facebook.

Cheers everyone, and safe diving!  Cool