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dive shop - DiveCaptDean - 05-24-2004

Hey Gang,
I have friends in Forrest Lake that want to take up diving. Not knowing the twin cities and surrounding areas (including as far North as Forrest Lake), maybe I could get some advice on what shop they may want to try. I am looking for a good shop..with good selection...and good instructors. a 5 star type facility would be best, but i will trust the concencus of suggestions. They dont mind traveling a little, but keeping it close would be nice.

Re:dive shop - igotoofar - 05-24-2004

I suspect you will get many suggestions on this one. I can only say I have been VERY happy with GUDC in Maple Grove/Osseo.

Re:dive shop - shamre - 05-24-2004

Smith diving is a great shop! Going under dive center is also a fantastic shop, but caters more to technical level diving.

Re:dive shop - LKunze - 05-24-2004

They might want to check out Air Down There Scuba in Little Canada off I-35E on Little Canada Road. I believe they are one of the closest PADI shops to Forest Lake (20 miles) and they carry a pretty decent selection of gear. Scott and Tracy Wemyss are great people to work with.

Re:dive shop - rudolph_medic - 05-24-2004

I second the Air Down There suggestion. I took an advanced open water course there and they are GREAT instructors! I do believe it would be the closest shop, with Smith Diving being the next closest.

Re:dive shop - MNLakeDiver - 05-24-2004

Air down there is a easy shot from Forrest lake and the staff has been helpful at fun dives(altho I have not trained with them)

Re:dive shop - tcjtn0 - 05-24-2004

Ditto!!! Great shop , great people too. And just straight down 35E.

Jean Smile

Re:dive shop - Mark Y - 05-24-2004

It is true that 'Going Under Dive Center' has everything to offer for the 'technical diver' but that doesn't mean that is all they offer. They offer great training at all levels - from SASSY to Advance Trimix. I've seen the staff work with my 11 year old brother and was very happy with the out come.

DiveCaptDave - it would make sense for your friends to check out 'Air Down There' as it is probably the closest dive shop to them and from what I've heard is a good shop. But encourage them to check a few others out as well. I have several dive shops that are closer to my house, but I choose to go a little out of my way to get what I consider superior service. And from what I've seen with beginning divers, the instructors play a big part in whether or not a diver becomes hooked on the sport.

Anyway, get them diving!

Re:dive shop - MNLakeDiver - 05-24-2004

I also use Going Under I recomended Ait down there du to location. I would never just go off recomandations. You need to talk to the instructors when its all said and done the instructor needs to be somone you are comfortable with

Re:dive shop - DiveCaptDean - 05-24-2004

Hey All,
Thanks for the input. You should all be able to guess where i will send them. I have given them the "you need to find an instructor that you llike" schtick. I too find this to be the most important factor. They want to get certified for their trip to Hawaii. I pushed the need to get certified for all diving, so that they will be able to use it for Hawaii. Basically, i told them to do their open water checkout dives locally.
Happy diving to all