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Land of MN Rebreathers - Mark Y - 01-21-2010

Sorry about the post.

Re: Land of MN Rebreathers - SmithDiving - 01-21-2010

Beautifully said Mark,  We are all a family (OC or CC).  Let's do what families are supposed to do and help each other out.  It's not hard to get along with everyone, just try to feel what they're feeling.  I know it would help me a lot, Lee

Re: Land of MN Rebreathers - ScubaAl - 01-22-2010

I haven't been diving my rebreather for two years, which I'm sure disqualifies me as a CCR diver - because the politics suck.  I've been doing the simpler, so to speak, OC open water dive in warmer areas... but I do enjoy overhearing the stories of those who just acheive the expert level of 25 dives..

Enjoyed reading your remarks Mark, as someone who has stepped into the sh*tstorm and did not even know it at the time I have to agree. What did Rodney King say?

But please don't let politics stop you from diving your RB. Just in this area there are many new RB divers cert. in the last 2 years, myself included. In fact 3 of us all cert. in the last 2 years or less(dave) are heading down to Florida in a few weeks to stretch our RB legs. You may enjoy meeting and diving with many of these newbies, but if you hang up you CL's will not have the opportunity.

We also have a charter setup on Blackdog going to Isle Royale along with a July trip to Presque Isle. As a small group we are "all about diving" and when not diving sitting around and talking smart/or not.