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Tennie & Laura - Deep Thought - 09-10-2011

I just got out of the water from diving the Tennie and Lura, a small scow schooner, located 16 miles north of port Milwaukee.  Depth is 315 and its not that far off shore, compared with the Doty being 10 miles off shore.  Wow what a super cool little schooner!  It has a beautiful bow sprit, a standing mast with crows nest and rigging, rudder and steering tiller.... It is a darker dive, but I though vis was good and I could see plenty of ambient light when I turned my light off.

The weather was flat calm, hot and sunny, what a day for diving in September on Lake Michigan.  I am looking forward to going back again soon and take some pictures.

Thanks Paul, Mike, and Brian for the fun day!