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Mixed Scuba Gear For Sale - mbreitigan2015 - 06-09-2015

I have recently developed some health issues and can no longer do any diving unfortunately. So I'm trying to sell my diving equipment. Here's what I have for sale:

7.5mm wet suit
Dacor regulator
Aluminum tank (neon yellow)
3 different masks
Sea Quest BCD Vest
Fins and snorkel
Boots and gloves and hood

I know that the regulator and vest are kinda older but they still work great. The regulator has a depth gauge but not computerized, just an old school regulator, both mouth pieces are still in excellent shape and no rips or kinks in the hose. Vest also is in excellent shape, no rips or tears in the material. Only down side of it is that it doesn't have the quick release pockets for weights. I know a lot of people tend to like that feature but I think this vest was made prior to those types of special features on today's current styles of BCD vests. But otherwise all this stuff is in excellent shape. The tank is still full and has only been used once. It was bought brand new at the Scuba Center in Eagan MN, it has not come up on its date for a hydro test yet. Fins, boots, gloves, hood and wet suit were also purchased at the Scuba Center in Eagan as well all brand new never been used. When I got this stuff I was only able to use it 2wice since I have owned it all. Now that I am no longer able to use it, I'd like to try and get some if not all of my money back considering it's all in really amazing shape. So if there are any new divers that are out there searching for good reliable gear please email me at or call me on my cell 507.340.2181. No calls past 9 pm (Mon-Fri). I will accept only CASH or PayPal and Bank Certified Cashiers Checks (NO PERSONAL CHECKS!!!). Also I must see verification of Dive Certification before I sell this stuff (if you are in training to become certified I must see proof that you are taking courses). Will not sell to anyone that is not certified.

I tried to add pics but it won't let me so please just email or text and I will be glad to share pics and other info.
Asking $500 or best offer for everything as a package (I will not part this stuff out individually so don't bother asking).