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MN Lake Map App - mcdiver - 11-30-2015

Can anyone recommend an App for MN Lakes? I have an IPhone 6S.

Last time I was ice diving with "Young Joe" he had an App on his phone where he could see the water depth standing on top of the ice.

RE: MN Lake Map App - DetectorGuy - 12-01-2015

I have the Navionics Boating App on my Samsung, and it is probably the one you are talking about. It works really good for what it is. I think it was $9.99 one time fee. I transferred the app from my old LG G4 phone to the Samsung S6 about a month ago and it still works like a charm.

RE: MN Lake Map App - Hydro - 12-04-2015

There are a few other options, but i havent found anything better than navionics.