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forum abandoned? - Hydro - 02-26-2017

Havent seen or heard from jason baker, has this forum been abandoned?

RE: forum abandoned? - popolarbear - 04-05-2017

A lot of communications switched to Facebook forums..some of which are not public groups

RE: forum abandoned? - popolarbear - 06-26-2017

Wow been 4 months. Since my post..still last post..i know everyone is diving hard this summer..popo

RE: forum abandoned? - stick500 - 07-06-2017

this is a bummer- this forum was a great go-to place for info when I first moved to the Twin Cities

also met my good buddy Popo here, too! Smile

RE: forum abandoned? - popolarbear - 07-06-2017

It sometimes seems like im.just talking to myself....and trinity been real quiet for a bit..cant even message dude