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Scuba Center -- Eagan
01-22-2003, 07:46 PM,
Re:Scuba Center -- Eagan
MNClimber and I had similar experiences. My girlfriend and I went in so she could buy a mask. I thought they were open later than they actually were. Jerry was helping us. He is an extremely helpful guy and set the standard for the customer service my girlfriend now expects from dive shops. My first clue that we had stayed and hour past closing time was when we left to meet a prior engagement. I would never expect anyone to keep a store open late, and would have left had I known, but it certainly says a little something about how they do business.

I watched her have very different experiences at a number of other shops before we hit Scuba Center. She kept going to different shops because she was so frustrated by getting more information from me, than the grand total of the salespeople we saw. Too bad they don't focus more on building a relationship with customers.

Scuba Center now gets business from both of us. I have found them just as helpful every time I've been there.

Cooincidentally, we happened to walk into a local pool while an open water class was in progress. It was Jerry from Scuba Center! We watched a for a bit from the bleachers. He was helpful, kind, patient, and attentive with the 8 people he was teaching. I overheard people chatting later while he wasn't around. They were giving him rave reviews and saying how much they'd enjoyed the class so far.

Good business Scuba Center!
Just my humble experiences, Tol

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