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Scuba Daddy's
01-11-2003, 09:56 PM,
Scuba Daddy's
Thanks to Bill Hilton at Scuba Daddy's for sponsoring the pool session today. We had about 20 people and the chance to meet, talk, try new equipment, navigate buoyancy hoops, etc.
Heard great comments about Tim Thomas' Intro to Scuba session, too.

Thanks Bill - looking forward to next month.

Dan L
04-17-2003, 12:51 PM,
Re:Scuba Daddy's
My thanks to Scuba Daddy's as well! I attended the pool session in January for my confined water dry suit certification and in prep for my Ice Diver checkout which I did through Scuba Daddy's with Tim Thomas on 3/15 at Square Lake. As I shared in another post, the ice diving was incredible (65F+, sunny, 24in+ ice) and Tim, his assistant Steve, and the rest of the divers were a great group of people.

Since I first visited Scuba Daddy's last fall, they have been very helpful as I've shopped for equipment for various trips (incl. Big Island, HI last Dec) and in prep for getting my Master Diver certification over the next year. I'd highly recommend dropping by Scuba Daddy's and getting to know Bill Hilton and his team. Smile

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- Dan

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