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Rebreather Guide by Mel Clark
11-06-2008, 08:25 PM,
Rebreather Guide by Mel Clark
Rebreather Guide by Mel Clark

I just received a copy of Dr. Mel Clarks Rebreathers Simplified, A Complete Guide to Choosing and Diving a Closed Circuit Rebreather and I am elated to sing the praises for this marvelous text!  Although I had the pleasure of reviewing the text prior to publication, seeing the expert layout, the full color photos (of which there are some MN divers pictured, and Isle Royale shipwrecks) and the bound 303 pages of a wealth of information – Yikes!  Great Job Mel.

Recently I had the fortune to do some deep technical CCR wreck dives with Mel in Lake Michigan.  Very nice wrecks with lots of “shiny things” – should make for another exciting issue of Advanced Diver Magazine due Spring of ’09.  And looking forward to her joining me again for some more great Isle Royale wrecks, Gunilda and  the Bradley. 

But back to her book / encyclopedia / ….As an instructor I try to encourage my students to be as informed as possible, and I search for text regardless of the agency.  The key is,  the better the student is informed before class, the more questions they can ask and I like being challenged – shoot away…Now I rest my case as Rebreathers Simplified is the book for any diver looking at purchasing a CCR, or for divers wondering if they actually learned all the right stuff!

The value of the book easily justifies the price as an average CCR divers will spend between $4000 - $15,000 on a Rebreather – why go in uninformed?

Going Under has just received a small shipment of these books and they are going fast worldwide, so stop in soon and pick up your copy

Start with training, continue with adventures.

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