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Titan Gas Block on rEvo
04-14-2010, 07:02 PM,
Titan Gas Block on rEvo
I have just received the Titan Gas block and installed it on my rEvo Mini III.  The block has been sold for some time, and copied in Delrin....but it is actually a Titan rebreather product.  I got my gas block in black anodized aluminum, with contrasting yellow lettering.  When I saw it initially at the Tacoma Dive show, Tomar from Titan was showing it to Curt McNamee and I thought it looked ok..but was concerned about the Quick Disconnect attachments at the top.  Anything that can QD, can QD at the worst possible time.  I have revised my block to have a solid connector to the loop, and only QD on the inlet gas - so less likely.

The Titan Gas block has three ports on top for: Oxygen, Diluent into the block,  and gas out of block into the loop.  Three buttons on the side operate: Diluent, Oxygen, and Off-board.  The BCD nipple (conventional style inflator)  on the bottom is for injecting Off-board gas. 

The Titan offboard gas inlet has a distinct advantage over the Golem Gear gas block which I purchased first but then decided against.  The Golem gas block requires a one way check valve on the bottom or Off-board inlet, as the single button operates all of the ports - if a port is open, gas will flow out or water in.  The other concern I have is that the only available QD nipple / check valve for the offboard is an Apex fitting and not compatible with my other rebreathers, or divers I typically dive with.

When my KISS Explorer arrives, I am considering adding this Titan block to the KISS...

Good Diving


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