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KISS Explorer CCR
10-11-2010, 03:02 PM,
KISS Explorer CCR
I was just out at Wazee this past weekend diving the KISS Explorer, and did a visit to Jimmy H. with a couple divers.  While I had used this same unit for training another KISS student a couple weeks earlier, I had not had it very deep and was anxious to see how my Mods improved the performance at depth, and if I had it adjusted for optimum breathing.  Bingo!

Below are some pictures of the KISS Explorer that I purchased earlier this season, but didn’t get built until just a month ago.  The new explorer has some features that I have improved upon, or modified to my likes based on the numerous ccr’s I dive and features I feel are best.
The first photo shows the back view with the scrubber can covered in bed liner which looks Tech, but is resistant to scratches which follow my dive gear like a shadow, and rumored to have an insulative property to benefit the exothermic sorb reaction?
Second photo shows the canister parted and a view of the in-line leaky orifice( 8 lpm) that I installed directly from the first stage to the oxygen inlet elbow.  The second oxygen line goes to the Titan 3 button gas block for manual oxygen addition.

Third photo is the front side with a Nomad EXP wing / harness, Stainless Steel Backplate, Titan 3 Gas Block. 

Jetsam offers a specific wing for the Explorer, however I have been very pleased with the Nomad EXP combination.  The only mod I have added on EXP was to extend the butt mount clips, out-board for easier bottoms stage clip.  The Explorer back plate was also replaced with a standard SS backplate for weight, simplicity of two stud / wingnut attachment, and pre drilled holes for drysuit bottle.  Yes I added the studs for wingnut plate attachment.
Titan Gas Block.  This is the Aluminum version ( of choices brass / delrin /Alum)  which is ideal for weight , size, and ease of handling.  It is absolutely the best block I have used, and simple to train yourself button management since the Dil button sticks out the farthest, easy to find for emergency flush.  The middle Oxygen button is easy to manipulate, no sore fingers, and within one dive you master how frequent and how long hold for manual injection.  The lowest button is for Off-Board gas of choice.  I most frequently attach a tiny (3 cu. ft.) Oxygen whip for dives below 300 feet.  It works beautifully as the fixed IP Oxygen supply slows down, I simply tap the Off-Board oxygen and considering how in-frequently you really need to bump up PPO2, and relatively short bottom time >300  I might add a couple shots?  Now a “Know-It-All” would say this BCD inflator lacks proper flow rate for depth, volume, yada, yada… but with real world experience it works to any depth I have been.    A modification that I made to this near perfect block, is the removal of QD attachments at the top since it is too likely to have a supply hose quick disconnect at a critical time.  I have replaced the QD’s with second stage hose fittings for hand tight or wrench tight.  The only other mod I plan near future is to replace the traditional low pressure hoses with MilFlex hoses for slightly more comfort.

Fourth photo shows the Cut Away Counter Lung Housing, and the studs that I installed for my choice of backplates.  This picture shows the ease of access to the large counterlung attachment nut on upper left (divers left side counter lung is shown still attached).
Of all of the KISS rebreathers (Classic and Sport) that I have owned over the years, this is the best configuration I have ever dived, and gives a serious run for the money on other CCR’s that I frequently dive.  It is clean in front (assuming some mods), low profile, and when properly adjusted to your body breathes pretty darn good.  This Rebreather takes only minutes to set up, and breaks down into manageable pieces for cleaning, transport, storage, travel.
So Explorer features that I think are most relevant are the cut away counter lung case for access to counter lungs,  the bed liner on scrubber is nice but not a deal killer.  Jetsam has also just announced that they are working with Shearwater which is key to have good quality electronics such as integrated PPO2 / Deco, and HUD back up PPO2 monitor.
Mods that I have installed which put it over the top are the Titan gas block, in-line leaky valve, Shearwater Predator and HUD.

I will have this unit at several CCR demo’s around Midwest this Fall and Winter.  And of course Training all year with locations from Midwest to Florida in Winter, Kona HI, etc…

Good Diving


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