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Rebreather Demos
11-11-2010, 02:14 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-12-2010, 05:25 PM by Deep Thought.)
Rebreather Demos
I am scheduling Midwest Rebreather Demos throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.  Currently I have dates  for Minnesota, and will be updating other locations soon.  Two of the Demos will still be advertised as “Free with Dive Store Gift Certificate Rebate”

Rebreather Demos will be available in a variety of options:

Rebreathers 101 which is a classroom setting presentation on current rebreathers,  how they work, hands on building, how to choose one for you,  then QA.  The classroom can be followed up with a Discover Rebreather Pool Session

Discover Rebreathers is a Pool session only which gives divers an opportunity to pool dive several of the most popular rebreathers on the market today.  Pool time is generous and all divers from past events have tried each of the units multiple times before the pool time ends.

There is a $40 registration fee to sign up, however each participant will receive a $40 Gift Certificate from the participating dive center upon its essentially Free!

You will be able to sample Inspiration Classic, Inspiration Vision, KISS Classic, rEvo III Mini, Megalodon Copis, and Poseidon Discovery  *some ccr’s are for sale and may vary according to date scheduled.

Rebreathers No Strings is a special Winter Only 4 evening classroom / pool session where divers can take their choice of Ron’s rebreathers for the first half of training at an incredible one time rate.  There is no  rebate, but divers get an unparalleled opportunity to try the class / pool  and see if they want to go further.  Cost is $199 and includes training, Rebreather rental, does not include ccr specific text materials.  Undecided on which unit to train on, why not try several at this rate....

No rebate applies to No Strings
Space is limited to ensure the best experience, so don't delay.

Rebreathers 101 & Discover Rebreathers
$40 registration fee with $40 gift certificate given upon completion of the event

Aquaventure Dive & Photo

December 15th -16th 6-9 pm both evenings - Rebreather 101, Discover Rebreathers

December 19th  9am -12pm – Rebreather 101, and 1pm -4pm – Discover Rebreathers

January 9th 9am -12pm – Rebreather 101, and 1pm -4pm – Discover Rebreathers

Rebreathers No Strings
$199 available units this Mod includes 1 KISS Classic, 1 rEvo Mini III
Location Aquaventure Dive & Photo
January 11,12,18,19  times 6-9 pm .  First meeting is classroom, then pool, pool, classroom.

Good Diving

Start with training, continue with adventures.

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