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Rebreather Text Book Review
12-22-2010, 10:08 PM,
Rebreather Text Book Review
I have just completed reading the TDI Diving Rebreathers – Student Manual – A Complete Guide To Air Diluent Closed Circuit Rebeather Diving, written by Kevin Gurr.  This is an exceptional book, comprehensive, well written, easy to understand the author, and very informative.  For any diver considering a fully closed circuit rebreather, I would highly recommend the text.

This book is 159 pages of text, plus appendix, illustrations, and pictures.  The chapter subjects are:

1. History
2. Rebreather Concept
3. Physiology
4. Physics
5. Function & Design
6. Gas Management
7. Dive Procedures
8. Emergencies
9. Maintenance
10. Air Diluent Decompression
A1 . Survivors Guide
A2. Tables

You can't argue with Kevin's long history in diving fully closed circuit rebreathers, and the survivors guide is written with the experiences he has gathered, plus his extensive work with building his own line of rebreathers.  It is a great tool to learn all you can about rebreathers, and most likely the text book of choice for your rebreather Mod 1 course.

This book can be purchased at any local dive store that teaches TDI technical diving courses.  Pick one up today and start reading about the current trend in technical diving – I used to say “the future”, but that has already come ;-)

Good Reading


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